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We do web videos, training videos, corporate videos, event & conference videos,   marketing, sales and promotional videos, commercials, animations and graphics

WildAcre video productions in Cork

Since 1990, WildAcre Productions has provided professional video production services to Cork and the south of Ireland. Throughout the developments in digital media over the past two decades, we have adapted to the technologies to ensure that the customer gets the best possible service and product. WildAcre is a multimedia producer but our core business is still corporate video production in Cork.

We can deliver your video production on DVD, Blu-Ray disc, CD, USB stick or the web. Online video, either on your own website or on a dedicated video site such as YouTube or Vimeo, is the most effective way to get your message or product to an audience…. and the most cost-effective.


Why Choose Us?

Web Videos 

The Internet is now a vast global video publishing and viewing network. The content ranges from a baby laughing to graphically illustrated lectures on astrophysics to live news feeds from the planet’s most troubled regions. YouTube has been with us since 2005 and web video is now a unique audio-visual experience. It is not cinema or TV – it is an interactive, accessible platform for everyone. Here at WildAcre Video Productions we can create your web video from a low-cost presentation to a sophisticated promotion – all our video productions, regardless of scale, are created with the same high standards and over 20 years of broadcast and corporate video production.

The Studio 

The Barn Studio, was constructed in 2002 and we have a complete video production and post-production facility creating web videos, training videos, corporate videos, event & conference videos, marketing, sales and promotional videos, commercials, animations and graphics for a very wide range of clients in Cork and Munster. We can produce your video in standard definition (SD) or in a range of high definition (HD) formats. Our 1,600 square feet building includes three video editing suites, an open studio area with full lighting kit, audio – including voiceoverrecording, autocue, greenscreen and bluescreen, catering facilities and general offices. We provide our clients with the complete spectrum of video production services under one roof. It provides the perfect creative environment for staff and clients.

Whether it’s PowerPoint or a Webcast, WildAcre Video Productions can create a professional product for you or your company.

Our Clients 

Our extensive client list, built up over 20 years of video production in Cork, includes local authorities, tourism, the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, educational bodies, charitable organisations, the retail and commercial sectors as well as arts and entertainment. A growing number of our clients come from the SMEs – the small to medium sized companies and sole traders who are the backbone of our economy. For many of these, online, or web, video is a cost-effective way to reach new customers.